Protection From Abuse

Protection From Abuse/Bullying

Unwanted contact from someone can cause a lot of intimidation and aggravation.  This can be cause by excessive e-mails, bullying text messages, or stalking and can be unnerving. You will likely want the harassing contact to stop, and look towards Pennsylvania Law to get it to stop.

In Pennsylvania, there is something called the “Protection from Abuse Act”, which may protect you without having to file criminal charges.  This Act is meant to protect victims of family or relationship violence. However, if the person harassing or abusing you is not a family member or a prior intimate relationship, then you generally can’t get protection under this statute. Additionally, there are certain requirements in the Protection From Abuse Act that the contact from the other person was physically abusive or put you in ‘reasonable fear of serious bodily injury’.

Sometimes all you need to do is simply call the police and ask them to talk to the person harassing you. If that doesn’t work, you may send the harassing person a ‘no contact letter’.  Such a letter basically states that you are specifically directing the harasser to not contact you in any way, shape or form, either directly or indirectly. Be sure to send this letter certified mail, restricted delivery, with return receipt requested.



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