Custody Caselaw Updates

Below are some custody caselaw updates since the passing of the new revised Child Custody Act:

1. T.E.B. v. C.A.B.: This was a case where mother did not inform the biological father that he was the father of her child, which was born during her marriage to another man. Biological father filed a Petition to Intervene in a custody action for this child, which was initially between mother and her husband. His petition to intervene was granted, because mother’s actions caused the delay in the filing of the petition to intervene, and the biological father was not accountable for the delay. 2013 PA Super. 211 (2013).

2. L.A.L. v. V.D.: Grandparents have standing in a custody action where the parents of the child never married. 2013 PA Super. 212 (2013).

3. S.J.S. v. M.J.S.: Request for primary physical custody and relocation denied where under the current circumstances, the children were happy and well-adjusted, they have a strong bond with both parents, and a relocation seven and a half hours away would result in father seeing the children less frequently. 2013 PA Super. 227 (2013).


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